With or Without #HASHTAG?

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Nowadays we use #hashtags a lot and but can we scientifically prove that using #hashtags in social media is actually bringing more interaction? Even if does for you, is it true for all of us?

In an effort to introduce Social Media Industry analyses, we conducted statistical study of Socializer Data to answer two questions:

  1. Is there any difference between posting news with and without hashtags?
  2. If yes, how many hashtags should we apply in each of our posts?

Difference between With and Without Hashtags

with hashtag or withoutAccording to the statistical analysis (chi-square test), with 99.5% confidence, we claim that using hashtags does affect the social engagement. This in turn matches our intuitive expectations.

Number of Hashtags to Use

#Unfortunately #most #of #the #time #hashtags #are #abused like in this sentence. It surely pings our messages to a wider audience, but does it mean having more hashtags implies better social engagement?

Fortunately, more hashtags does not trigger more Likes, Shares, Comments. Contrarily, it carries a negative weight in favor of readable texts.

To be more specific, we analyzed the difference between 1, 2, 3 and 4+ hashtags in posts. We spotted that number of hashtags does account for a varying level of social engagement (with 99.5% confidence) in Social Media Industry. And also concluded that the more hashtags, the less social engagement is involved.

How many hashtags to use per post