Lying in Social Media

| Category: Tips

Depending on type of media we use to communicate, we lie to differing degrees. A research conducted by Charles Naquim in 2010 studied honesty in people when using…

Cannot Measure, Cannot Control

| Category: Tips

In our social media efforts,  we strive to create as much buzz as we want and expect our news to get as viral as possible. Erroneously, we relate the success of our social presence to a NUMBER of followers. Recalling that there is a social group size limit for human beings (150 people), at some

Scheduling Posts

| Category: Release Notes

Dear all, here is a piece of good news. We released a nice feature for bloggers and for those who have something to say all the time.You can now feed your website/blog RSS feeds into Socializer just like we are doing. Or you can manually schedule your posts for Socializer to take care. For more