Socializer is not our core product, nor had we planned to launch it for the public. It was a simple app running in the localhost until… Until the marketing consultant, whom we wanted to hire scouted interesting charts on our laptop screens.

Socializer emerged to optimize the posting of company news to multiple social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) and retrieve relevant Likes, Shares and Comments from those media and merge those activities into meaningful reports.

How does it work?

Using Socializer is as simple as using your calculator, as we KISSS (Keep It Short, Simple and Stupid )

  • After signing into Socialzier, link your social accounts in ACCOUNTS
  • Now you are ready to push your company news to multiple social and most importantly measure your social engagement in Reports
  • If you are a blogger and / or fan of scheduled postings, make sure to check AUTOMATION section.

Why is it free?

Socializer is not by far the only contribution we are making to the community. If you imagine people with thick prescription glasses who are quite hooked up on Internet Technologies and open source philosophy, then we are almost like them.

Thus if Socializer serves your purposes and you are happy using, we will be immensely happy if you can spread a few words about us to your network.